Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tyranid Paint Scheme Test - Feedback Wanted!

Ever seen a Tyranork WAAAGH?  Well, now you have.  This is just a little test mini I did to see if my Tyranid paint scheme idea will work or just look like a steaming pile of hot donkey.  More after the jump.

So in a recent post where I discussed my thoughts on my upcoming Tyranid army, I discussed a possible paint scheme for my bugs.  A quick copypasta reveals my original thoughts for painting the army.

  • Prime with black gesso

  • Black body underneath using black wash over gray base

  • Metallic blue carapace

  • Bone weapons, claws, etc using sepia wash over ivory base

  • Various exposed flesh bits, tongues, etc will be purple

  • Eyes and other various bits will be green

  • I will probably use a glossy varnish to give them a nice slimy feel, or mix and match with the purple/fleshy parts and carapace being glossy and the bone and black skin being more matte.

  • One of the decisions I was struggling with was the colors to use for the skin and weapons.  I originally wanted the bone colored skin but wasn't sure what color I would paint the weapons and such so I settled on black skin and bone colored weapons.  Since then I have been thinking more about the issue and I have started leaning towards the bone colored skin with black weapons like polished obsidian.

    Perhaps slightly less phallus-y though

    I tested out both methods making my Tyranork look a little like Two Face but without the horrible scarring, although he may very well have the insanity part of the deal.  I also tested out a green color and a couple shades of purple to try to see which ones would work or if I need to find some different ones.  The placement of the green and purple seems random on the ork and that's because it is.  To provide a little reference point, I present one of the best painted Hive Guard I've ever seen in the vain hope that my Tyranids might end up looking half as good.

    Via Dezmord's Hive Fleet Apophis featured in a recent Community Spotlight article here on Maximum Heresy.
    I'm planning on using the green color on the eyes and little details like the eye on the gun.  The purple will be used in places like the tongue and more fleshy bits on the weapon and possibly those... things that you see on Tyranids skin.  I don't know what to call them but they are sort of shaped like a woman's naughty bits.  You know what I mean.  I might not paint those purple and just leave them the normal bone color or find some other way to make them stand out.

    These things.  Don't tell me you've never thought of that before now you naughty rascals.
    Also from Dezmord's Hive Fleet Apophis.  I added the circle.  Go me!

    Anyway, those are my thoughts on the matter.  I'm not sure how well the metallic blue and bone go together as it makes a pretty stark contrast.  I could add more wash to make the bone darker or tone down/darken the blue some as well.  I'm really leaning toward the bone skin and black weapons.  I'm looking for some advice and feedback so please let me know what you think.  I'll leave you with the rest of the pictures I took from different angles.  I didn't want to varnish my test model so you will have to use your imagination to make the black weapon and horn look all smooth and shiny.  I anticipate having our first installment of our upcoming airbrushing series up soon so look forward to that as well.  Until next time, this is Chaosheade signing off.  Catch you on the flip side.

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