Adventures in Airbrushing Archive

The Adventures in Airbrushing Archive

Welcome to the Adventures in Airbrushing page, a complete guide to purchasing an airbrush setup and much more.  Adventures in Airbrushing was originally intended to be a co-written series created to document my (Chaosheade) and M4XVLTG3's experiences with getting into the world of airbrushing from choosing our equipment to spraying some paint and our minis and beyond.  As we began writing the articles for the series, they really took on a life of their own and evolved into a fully comprehensive guide to all things related to airbrushing and the miniature hobby.  What began as a list of airbrushes and compressors that we were considering became a very detailed listing of many airbrushes and compressors as well as explanations of the different types of equipment out there and many of the features and add-ons available and of course, since one of the goals of the series is to save money, price comparisons are also included.

Adventures in Airbrushing Episode I: Chaosheade and M4XVLTG3 Take the Plunge
An overview of basic requirements for an airbrush and a list of airbrushes that are suitable for miniature painting in a wide price range.  Combine with Episode 1.5 to find the right airbrush for your needs at the right price.

Adventures in Airbrushing Episode 1.5: More Details on Airbrush Features
A more detailed explanation of airbrush features and why each feature is recommended or not recommended.

Adventures in Airbrushing Episode II: Attack of the... Compressors?
A detailed explanation of the pros and cons of tool compressors versus hobby compressors as well as detailed explanations of compressor features and why you would or would not want each one.

Adventures in Airbrushing Episode III: The Compressor Quandary
A guide to buying both tool compressors and hobby compressors with a long list of options and recommendations to get the best value.  Combine with Episode II to find the right compressor for your needs at the right price.

Adventures in Airbrushing Episode IV: Where do I buy this stuff?
A guide to different airbrush supply retailers and the advantages and disadvantages of each one.  Covers buying at different brick and mortar stores, several types of online retailers, and buying used equipment.

Adventures in Airbrushing Episode V: Toys! A.K.A. Add-ons and Extras *Coming Soon(tm)!*
A guide to additional gadgets, toys, features, and supplies that you can get for your airbrush and/or compressor ranging from the absolute necessities to the stuff you don't really need but are really nice to have.

Adventures in Airbrushing Episode VI: Airbrushes and Compressor Buying Guide, the TL;DR Edition *Coming Soon(tm)!*
A condensed version of the previous buying guides that should be much easier to digest without the massive amount of extra information found in the previous guides.  This will also include recommendations for airbrush/compressor setups in different price ranges to help you get the best bang for your buck.

AiA Changelog:
08 Aug 2011: Added teasers for Episodes IV and V
06 Sept 2011: Added Episode IV: Where do I buy this stuff?, pre-empting the regularly scheduled articles.

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