Sunday, March 13, 2011

Community Spotlight: Dezmords' Harbingers of the storm

Well it looks like the new Grey Knights codex is out. Maybe Necron players are getting closer to a competitive codex release. In this Community Spotlight I want to give props to Dezmords' beautiful Necron army. Hit the jump to see more.

My First find was actually from Chaosheade.
Its a interesting scheme from Dezmord @
Dezmord has a number of amazing painting logs including Thousand Sons, Chaos Daemons, Bad Moon Orks, IG, and Tyranids as well as his necrons.  Links to all of his logs can be found in his signature on warseer. -Chaosheade

This looks beautiful and really works with the Necrons.

Incredible stuff. He even has a Lord, Tomb Spider, and Mono conversion. Hit the link above to see the build. I'm really inspired by this and I may attempt to duplicate his beautiful technique with my color scheme. I would like to see these colors on a Deceiver.

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