Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quick post-Memorial Day update and a little Tyranid painting

From a veteran who is fortunate enough to be here to celebrate Veterans day, to those who are not.  
Hey everybody.  Chaosheade here hoping everyone's Memorial Day weekend went well.  Mine was pretty busy between trying to change my sleeping schedule (I need to quit working nights) and two barbecues.  I didn't do much hobby related stuff, but I did try out a couple quick experiments on my 'nids with various washes.  More after the break.

Hobby stuff first, since that's what the blog is all about.  I started a thread on DakkaDakka about the test models to get some more opinions on the paint scheme and got some good suggestions.  I tried a couple washes on the skin and some different colored washes for the eyes and details.  Here's the short and skinny with pics from my phone since my main camera is out of batteries and all the fresh ones are currently MIA from moving.  (I also realized that I missed a couple armor plates on the legs.  And that concludes your random thought intrusion of the day.)

Just for kicks, I tried a blue and purple wash for the eyes/details and don't really like either one.  Too dark and doesn't stand out at all.  The right model is the lighter skin color with a flesh tone wash.  It is better than the next skin wash but it did not turn out as well as I had hoped.

I figured it couldn't hurt to try the purple skin wash.  I was wrong.   My eyes!  It buuuurns!
And with the positions switched from the last picture...  Please excuse the eyesore on the left.  I won't be trying that again.  Bad idea:  Purple wash on the skin.  Good idea: yellow/green wash on the eyes and details.  The left model has a straight green wash while the right has about a 2:1 ratio of green to yellow.  I might try a 3:2 ratio but it's already very close to a color I like for the eyes and details.  I will  probably use the yellow/green mixture to contrast with the blue and purple.
From Sandwyrm's Color Theory Archive (Part III) 
I just can't seem to pimp these articles enough can I?
The yellow/green wash, along with the blue and purple, will give me a split-complement paint scheme.  The circle on the left is very close to my chosen colors, it just needs to be rotated clockwise a tiny bit. I really like the yellow/green color better than the ice blue that I tried before and I think that will be my final answer.  I'm getting very close to finalizing my paint scheme.

And now on to non-hobby stuff and why I haven't gotten anything done lately.  Sunday I grilled for the 'out-laws' AKA my wife's parents (who are totally cool by the way, no evil mother-in-law for me) at our new place.  I grilled up some hot dogs and squash/zucchini/onions in olive oil (it's a secret family recipe, so don't tell anybody).  Nothing fancy, but it's cheap and tastes pretty damn good, especially when you know someone who grows the zucchini and squash and gives it you for free.  Monday we went over to my visit my parents and my brother worked the grill. More grilled dogs and sausage, which I don't mind because there are many ways to skin a cat but only one way to cook a dog... I mean hot dogs... *awkward silence*... Hokay, moving right along!

I've been trying to get some work done on the next Adventures in Airbrushing post but just haven't had the time to get much progress done.  It's still coming, I promise.  It's priority #1 followed by getting the third Tyranid test model prototype (sounds cooler) up with the final paint scheme.  The third prototype has been delayed for all the previously mentioned reasons plus I'm trying to get some more models assembled so I am not firing up the airbrush for just one model.  Mold lines are a royal PITA on Tyranids, especially compared to my CSM.  All those smooth power armor surfaces are boring to paint but sure are easy when it comes to removing mold lines.  Maybe I'm just being too much of a perfectionist.  I've considered assembling the models first and then just removing the visible mold lines to make it easier on myself.  It's something I need to do a little research on and see how other Tyranid players deal with mold lines.  Anyway, that's enough blathering for one post.  I'll be back soon with more substantial material so stay frosty and I'll catch you on the flip side.

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