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About the Blog, written by Chaosheade with commentary by M4XVLTG3 in orange coming soon(tm):

Maximum Heresy was created at the very end of 2010 by my long time friend M4XVLTG3 (AKA annoying name to type out) and myself.  We enjoy all aspects of 40k but like to focus more on modeling/converting than other aspects.  We cover a number of different topics including modeling/converting (of course), tutorials, painting, money-saving tips, and chronicling our foray into the world of 40k and what we experienced and learned along the way.  We have a few tutorials under our belt so far with plenty more planned and we are currently running a series entitled Adventures in Airbrushing where we not only share our experience with getting into the world of airbrushing but provide a great amount of highly detailed information on airbrushes, compressors, and everything that goes with them.  Eventually we will have a separate page dedicated to a huge compendium of Airbrushing knowledge.  M4X is planning another page that will help beginners get into miniature wargaming if he ever gets around to it.  We have big plans for the blog, it's just a matter of time so stay tuned.

About Chaosheade: What makes me tick?
If you want to read the story with some pretty pictures thrown in there, check out this post.  You might find it slightly less boring.
I've been into wargaming in one form or another for about as long as I can remember.  It began with board games such as Risk, Axis & Allies, and many others. I progressed to turn based and then real time strategy video games.  I also got into D&D and various other RPGs as well as Magic: The Gathering and dabbled in a few other card games.  I first became interested in 40k and other miniatures games when I was a teenager in high school but there was no way I could afford to get into anything like that at the time so I let the idea simmer for a dozen years or so. In the mean time I did play a few less expensive miniatures games including MageKnight and HeroClix.  So as you can see I have been involved in all kinds of games from board to video to card to miniature games before I finally got into 40k in the Spring of 2009.  Finally, the stars had aligned: I could finally afford it and already had some friends who I could play with. 

I started off splitting an AoBR starter set with a friend who plays Orks and began working on a Chaos Space Marine army.  After discovering the codex was a bland snooze fest of boringness, I started looking for a new army to play while waiting for a CSM codex that didn't bore me to death.  I considered a few different armies (Necrons, Orks) but I started gravitating more and more towards Tyranids.  In my subconscious mind I could hear the faint whispers of the Hive Mind calling to me, entwining the tendrils of its will with my grey matter, until I could resist no longer.  I decided on Tyranids for my new army.  While they are not a complete powerhouse army like SW or IG, they are aesthetically appealing, they match my play style as well, and most importantly they are not emperor-loving imperial *censored*.  I was toying around with some (mostly) null deployment builds with my CSM but it is impossible to do with the current codex.  Tyranids, on the other hand, have all the tools necessary and lots of fun options to create a null deployment army that won't get laughed off the table.  I definitely have a competitive streak and I play to win but also I try to keep things in perspective and play for fun, and not be a WAAC neckbeard.

I've always had a thing for helping people.  I don't know why I do and sometimes I wonder why I keep doing it even when I get burned for it, but I keep doing it anyway.  It's like some weird drug or something, or maybe I'm just strange.  Scratch that - I know I'm strange, but that's beside the point.  For me, Maximum Heresy is a place for me to share my creations with the world without dealing with forums and everything that comes with them.  I enjoy sharing my hobby and painting work but the really rewarding part is creating tutorials that people find useful.  I especially love creating tutorials on topics that have not already been covered a thousand times already such as "magnetizing" without magnets and converting vehicle combi-meltas and infantry flamers.  As far as I know these two tutorials are completely unique and while the combi-melta/flamer post is very much a niche article, magnetizing without magnets can be applied to a huge range of uses.  The possibilities are virtually limitless.  I also like to come up with and share ways to save as much money as I can since I have a very limited budget, and really, who doesn't like to save money?  

So there you have it.  And now for something completely different.

About M4XVLTG3 who will undoubtedly come up with a witty title for his little bio
Also coming soon(tm)

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