Monday, August 15, 2011

Painting the Pod, Part 1

"Painting the Pod" sounds like it could be some clever euphemism for something else... too bad it's not.

Hey everybody, Chaosheade here with a hobby update on the spore pods I created last week.  I wanted to have a finished pod ready to show off today but couldn't figure out just how I wanted to paint them so I'll just have to start with the part that was successful.  Those following Maximum Heresy on Twitter got a sneak preview of the pod with the base colors done.  Details on this and my failed experiments after the jump.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Modeling Tutorial: Cheap and Easy Mycetic Spore Pods

Hey everybody, Chaosheade here with another tutorial.  Our subject this time is Mycetic Spore pods, the Tyranid version of drop pods.  This is just one of the many units in the codex that does not have an official model, making it a prime candidate for substitution, conversion, etc.  There are a number of tutorials out there most often using foam balls or eggs but most of them were either too much work or just didn't look good to me.  There are also some models made by other companies such as Plasma Hatcher toys (~$20 or more depending on availability) or the models from Chapterhouse Studios ($35) and Mr. Dandy ($42-48) but these options are quite expensive. I finally found one that really caught my attention in this thread on The Tyranid Hive forums.  This method is much more economical than purchasing one of the 3rd party models and in my opinion looks better and is easier to make than any of the other methods I researched.  I can't take credit for the original idea but what I have done is create a formal step-by-step tutorial that more fully explains the process of making these spore pods.  More after the jump.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Evaluation Period Over (First and only thoughts on fincast)

After spending a afternoon with a few boxes of finecast all I have to say is DOUBLE HERESY!! Which is normally a good thing on this site but holy jello pudding snacks this stuff is a mess. I'm finding extra resin pooled behind claws and let's not talk about thining around detailed edges. I thought they had the process down to a science by now. I guess not. The part that really grinds my gears is that I'm paying the same price for this bs. Pic related, its MFW I spend twice as long preping finecast models than I did with my metal ones.
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mixing Quick Reference

Hello my beautiful cultists. M4X here to let you know Chaosheade and I are considering Putting a quick mix guide in the main menu section. Basically it would be one place to get the parts breakdown for basic wash mixtures and paint cutting/thinning formulas. What do you guys think? If you have any mixes of your own that you want to share comment them at the bottom of the post. If we use it we will give you the recognition in our mixing section. Let us know if this would be something useful to you.

I have lots of recipes to share for all kinds of applications.  I'll start working on putting them all in one place. 
P.S. I've decided to use green as my added comments color.  Blogger's blues are either too light to be manly enough to use or too dark to read against the black background. -CH

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Blood Angel corrupted jumper project

So after two weeks of leave and brain mashing with Chaosheade I have scraped put my IG traitors on hold. I'm now going to build a army I have not played since their inception into 40K. More after the jump.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Dr. Chaosbugs, or: How I learned to stop worrying and love Tyranids.

More of my sweet Photoshop skills... and just a little bit creepy.
Hey all, Chaosheade here again to regale you with another Tale of Interest.  This is a story of war, of passion, of love and hate, of joy and sorrow, of frustration and satisfaction.  This is a story of the relationship between a Heretic and a strange alien life form from another galaxy whose sole purpose is to consume biomass.  This is a story all about how my life got flip- what?  I already did the Fresh Prince thing?  Oh... well... I guess I'll just get to it then.

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