Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Blood Angel corrupted jumper project

So after two weeks of leave and brain mashing with Chaosheade I have scraped put my IG traitors on hold. I'm now going to build a army I have not played since their inception into 40K. More after the jump.

To tell you the truth what finally spurred this was the incessant pounding I was taking from everyone with my Necrons. I really feel like I need a control group for my own purposes. I keep finding that may play style seems to be very hot and heavy. I like getting close to peoples units. Thats the first rule of guaranteed failure with crons. So until LORD Matt Ward issues my SuperHeroGodLikeEpicXenoLikeSomeKindOfTacticalGeni-CREEEEEEEEEED Codex I'll start on this new counts as army of mine.

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After raiding all the bits bins in the North Texas area I have decided to make this Blood Angel army with a twist of lemon. Taken your general Null Deployment assault list and mixed in some Chaos for good measure. I Will be using sorcerer models as HQ, Raptors as jet-pack honor guard, jump pack lords for Sang Priests and normal Speesh Mariens for everything else. Well except if a few random mutations in brightly painted red squads. Nothings more neat-o than a valiant squad falling from grace. Decent of Angels? More like Decent of Demons. If course all the Chaos units will be painted in Alpha Legion Colors. My bits bin is full  mutations and other ideas, I have one metric ton of meltas and, I even sprang for some Alpha pauldrons. I think this has potential so let me know what all you heretics think out there.

Thrones for the Throne-Skull!

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