Wednesday, July 13, 2011

News time: M4X comes home, my brother makes a tutorial, and lots of blue-tac

Hey all, Chaosheade here with a breaking news bulletin.  More like an update on what's happening, but the first one sound a lot more exciting.

I am so good at Photoshop
News Time: M4X, my hetero life mate and brother from another mother is back home on leave for a few weeks so we are finally getting a chance to hang out and play 40k again.  I finally got a game of 40k in, the first I have played since the last time M4X visited around X-mas time last year.  I gave his Necrons a good old fashioned ROFL-stomping with my Chaos Marines and it felt really good to actually get a game in.  We played 1500 points and I used a quad god list with Tzeentch Princes, Noise Marines, Berzerkers, and Plague Marines with 3 units of obliterators thrown in.  It was a much more shooty army than I typically play with and I wasn't nearly as aggressive with them as I normally am.  M4X brought warriors, immortals, and lots of destroyers with a destroyer lord.  The game was C&C with 4 objectives, pitched battle deployment.  My princes went forward and wrecked face while my troops captured objectives and the obliterators obliterated things with lots of dakka.  Trash talk was exchanged, good times were had, and the forces of Chaos phased out the mechanical horde at the top of turn 6.  I might try to put together a battle report for the next game we play if that's something people might be interested in reading.

Plug Time:  My brother from... the same mother has also been working on a 40k blog entitled Ferrus Fair.  He's a big old fluff bunny and Emperor loving loyalist scumbag.  He's been keeping his blog on the down low for a while and figures it's now ready for public consumption.  He's got some fluff written for a couple home-brewed space marine chapters (and it's actually not too shabby for loyalist propaganda) and has just put together a tutorial on painting camo cloaks so go ahead and check it out, maybe leave a comment.  If you won't do it for me, then do it because he's actually got some decent stuff posted ;-)

And now for something completely different:  My Tyranids are calling to me, desperately wanting to see some action on the field.  As my progress with the army has been slower than dial up, I decided to try slapping my army together using blue-tac type stuff so I can get them on the table.  I think getting some time in with my little gribblies will help jump-start my motivation to get back to the grind stone and get some 'nids assembled and maybe even painted.  If the blue-tac works it will definitely help me with my motivation as I can play with them while I take my time assembling and painting them rather than being frustrated at how long it's taking to remove those @@$ %*\#( $@*^$ #% ^)@(!$&*(#$# $(*^ *!$ mold lines.  I'm still having some trouble finding the time to get much done but I think things are going to get better in that area soon, for real this time.  If I can't find the time, I will MAKE the time.  And that's all I have to say about that.  

So that's what's been happening around here.  Still slowly working on things, hopefully picking up speed soon.  M4X and I are also working on a design for making some Maximum Heresy T-shirts.  I'll have to get on his ass about writing something for the blog since it's actually within kicking distance now and I know where he's sleeping for the next couple weeks. That's all for now so until next time stay heretical and I'll catch you on the flip side.

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