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Old Stuff Day: Greater Daemon of Nurgle Scratch Build: Featured in SCWH Honor Roll #2 - Green Stuff!

Since the blog is only 2 months old, I was going to have to reach way back to my pre-blogging days to find something appropriate to post.  I've been playing 40k for less than a year and I already posted the oldest thing I've done - my first Black Reach minis.  Then it occurred to me that I had one other project completed that I've been wanting to share this on the blog for a while, and now thanks to Old Stuff Day I have the perfect excuse.  Enjoy.

My Greater Daemon was a first for me in many ways.  It was my first experience with green stuff, my first major conversion, my first project where I logged my progress, my first fully painted figure, and my first great learning experience when it came to the 40k hobby.  I toiled over this monster for months and months, neglecting the rest of my army to focus on the centerpiece of my force.  It may not be perfect, but I am quite proud of how well it turned out, especially considering how much of a noob I was when I created it.  I'm especially fond of the green slime-filled belly with miscellaneous consumed body parts floating around in it.  It actually moves around in there, it's not just painted on.  I also like the little greenskin squirming around helplessly as it's being held up in the air by his head.


The above pictures are of the 100% completed model plus an entourage.  It was complete months ago before my then 1.5-year-old son got a hold of it and dropped it behind my desk.  There was no major damage to most of the model but the scythe blade broke off and was lost forever.  I still haven't found that damn thing.  I had been procrastinating for months on fixing the scythe, hoping that I would be able to find the old blade but I finally decided to just make a new one.  The new blade is larger and the inside edge is serrated for maximum carnage.  It looks less eloquent than the previous blade and I think it suits the model better.  I may need a larger spike on the back end to even it out again but that's not high on my priorities list at the moment.  The previous scythe blade looked something like this.

The one thing that could be considered a design flaw is how the huge belly connects to the torso and especially the legs.  Some people think, with good reason I admit, that the model seems awkward with such a quick transition between the size of the belly and legs.  The model is not like the FW Greater Unclean One or other GW models for Nurgle Daemons as they are just big masses of flesh and nasty nurgly stuff.  There is nothing wrong with that design but my vision when creating my Daemon was to show a creature that had been transformed rapidly to add the slime-filled belly and has not grown into his new stature so to speak.  Think of a smaller creature - basically shorten the arms and legs and remove the giant belly - and imagine Nurgle granting it his blessing, causing the wretched thing to grow larger and stronger, and his stomach blowing up like a balloon and filling with slime that starts spewing from his mouth uncontrollably.  The transformation is far from pleasant but when it is complete, the Daemon has gained substantial stature and power, even if he is still like a puppy with long legs and huge feet.  I envision him starting off this way and over time he will continue transforming into something less awkward, but still different from GW's Nurgle Daemon designs.

Games Workshop - Greater Daemon of Nurgle

As I said before, this was a major project and I kept a log of my progress throughout the whole build.  I'll be going over the highlights of each step here but the whole story can be found over in this thread and all 172 pictures can be found in this photobucket album.  And now, I present a brief visual history of the making of my Daemonic monster.

Humble beginnings: the pile of bits that would eventually become my Daemon.

The vision starts to become reality.  I love the viscous ooze the moves inside the belly with all the semi-digested body parts.
Mock up of the Daemon on its base with AoBR termie and CSM for size comparison.
Legs green stuffed and model attached to the base.
Scythe is made and attached to the hand.
Arm is chopped up and green stuff is used to extend it and make it longer.
One arm complete and attached to the model... with MAGNETS!
Second arm half way complete with magnets in place.
Second arm complete and first (really crappy) version  of the spine in place.
After ordering a few more Mage Knight  Thorn Crawlers, I had the pieces needed to re-do the spine.  After much chopping and hot gluing, the much improved spine V2.0 is complete.
Green stuff is added to the spine, fleshing out the back and covering the hot glue.  I also shortened the tail.  It seemed awkwardly long.
More detail work is added to the green stuff.  The stretched skin on the neck is a test of the technique that I will use to convert my obliterators.
Tail shortened and detail work added to the butt end of the model.
Painting begins!  Just base coats so far.
Rear view.  Check out those pristine white spines.  That won't last long.
The scythe painted.
Poor Mr. Greenskin never stood a chance, but with his new paint he might just go out in style.
Whoever thought being washed would make you look less clean.
Washes make all the difference.
More washes, this time with added blood.  What a bloody mess!
And the rear view.  These last two pictures are the last ones taken before the model was completed.
Well, I hope you all have enjoyed this little trip down memory lane as much as I have.  Enjoy the rest of your Old Stuff Day and I'll catch you on the flip side.

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