Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Big News Time! Also: a bit on Tyranid painting

Source: Google image search.
Hey everybody, Chaosheade checking in.  Big news on the real life front and a bit on my 'nids paint scheme.  Full details after the jump.

I'll tackle the hobby related news since it's more relevant to the blog and to build suspense *suspenseful organ music plays in the background.*  After re-examining SandWyrm's Modern Hue Wheel now that I have nailed down my blue color I am going to be tweaking my Tyranid paint scheme (previous posts on the topic can be found here and here.)  I am still going for the tetrad and keeping the current metallic blue carapace but since I am using such a rich, deep blue I need to adjust the other colors that I plan on using.  Instead of blue-orange-green-purple I will be shifting the primary colors to blue-yellow and the purple and green will be more of a reddish pinkish color and blueish green.  My previous color plan was close to but not truly a tetrad and the new colors should work better and eliminate the issue with the blue and bone color not working well together.  I will probably still use a bone color on bony bits like scything talons but I will not be going for the dirty, aged color and instead go for a lighter, cleaner bone color that won't clash with my other colors.  This should produce some models that are very colorful and hopefully interesting to look at.

Hue Wheel from above link showing the new tetrad of colors that I am planning on using.
I have not had much time to get any work done on any hobby or blog related stuff due to the upcoming big news (more suspense!) but I have made some progress on the tutorial on weapon swaps using pinning instead of magnets and more Adventures in Airbrushing will also be coming soon.  That's all I have on the hobby/blog front.  If you're still reading then you're probably wondering what the big news is.  And after all my stalling and building tension, you're probably making angry gestures at your screen and shouting "GET ON WITH IT!"

So now, for something completely different, the big news: We are finally getting a house!  Not just any house, but a freaking huge 2,000 square foot 3 bed 2 bath house for an amazingly low price.  I don't know if I mentioned this or not but my wife and I have been looking for several months now and looked at every single house in the area in our price range and the only one we really liked ended up being owned by an investor who was a complete asshat.  We waited a week and a half after submitting our initial offer before we heard back, he was very stingy in negotiating the price even though he was making a HUGE profit on the sale, would not pay for an engineering report (or something similar that we would have had to shell out several hundred dollars more for),  he refused to provide a seller's disclosure or survey which our loan agent was able to get very easily, and we are pretty sure he was trying to downplay or even hide some foundation problems.  Needless to say after finding out all this we decided not to deal with him and a house that would most likely turn out to be a huge money sink.  We wasted a whole month dealing with all that crap.

That guy.  Source: Google image search
After that whole episode we kept searching for houses and looking at a dozen more until we had exhausted all the listing in our area and a little bit further away as well.  Then something magical happened.  My wife had been diligently watching for new listings and found one that looked interesting.  I was skeptical seeing how big the house was and the seller's listing price since we had seen several houses that looked similar on paper but were in horrible condition.  We went and looked at the house anyway and we fell in love with it instantly.  It was in good condition, the seller was very up front about providing a disclosure, it was very spacious with lots of room for our 2-year old to run around in, it didn't have a floor plan that looked like it was designed by an autistic monkey, and the price was simply amazing for a house that size in such good condition.  We put in an offer that same day.

Less than 48 hours (not a week and a half *grumble*) later I was sleeping in the morning after getting home from work and I woke up to find out that our realtor had been trying to get a hold of us.  It turns out that there were a couple other people who had submitted an offer for the house and the seller was asking for each of us to submit our highest and best offer by 12:00 noon, about 45 minutes away!  At this point we were getting really worried that we might not get the house that we had fallen in love with, was perfect for us, and was such an incredible deal.  After a few phone calls to our realtor and loan agent we submitted the highest bid that we could afford and crossed our fingers, knocked on wood, rubbed a bald guy's head, threw a coin in a fountain, caught a leprechaun, searched for some 4-leaf clovers, and chased a couple rabbits around for their lucky feet.  OK, I may be exaggerating just a little bit there... just a little bit.

That is a real 5-leaf clover.  Seriously.  One day I found this 5-leaf clover and five 4-leaf clovers in the span of just a couple hours.  I kid you not.  Luck of the Irish, baby!
Speaking of luck, we didn't know how long it would take to learn if we were the highest bidder, but within 30 minutes we found out.  Not only did we have the best offer, but one buyer could not afford to increase their offer and the other one did not submit a new offer.  Even better than that, since nobody else beat our initial offer, the seller honored our initial offer instead of the higher one!  I cannot describe how elated my wife and I were when we heard the news.  I'm still pinching myself to see if I wake up to find that this was all a dream.  I never really intended to share non-hobby related stuff on the blog but this was just too good to not share.  I have been very busy the last couple days working on getting all our paperwork in order and everything else that we need to take care of.  I will be somewhat occupied with all this for probably the next month but I do want to keep making some progress on my minis and posting on the blog, even if it's not quite as much or as often.  We are really very excited about getting our first house.  Anyway, I think I've rambled enough for now.  This is Chaoshead the soon-to-be homeowner signing off.  Catch you on the flip side.

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